Teachers' House

Teachers' House "Alexandru Gavra", Arad


The Teachers' House Arad is the in-service teacher training institution in the north-west of Romania. It provides in-service teacher training for 200 schools from the Arad County and designs programmes and curricula. Its training programmes are designed to sustain and contribute to the educational reform in Romania. Therefore, the training is offered according to the teachers' needs as well as to the district and national strategy of the inspectorate and the ministry.Main issues of teacher trainings: Learning theory and the development of basic skills (reading, writing, mathematics) with special regard to children with learning difficulties.


Some of the projects conducted by the Teacher's House:

  • "Access to education of disadvantaged groups, with focus on Roma people - school and education as a tool and a method to a multicultural society (PHARE project)
  • "Measuring and improving problems in acquiring basic skills (reading, writing, mathematics) in children between 8-11 years (2006)