University of Stavanger

University of Stavanger, National Centre for Reading Education and Research, Stravanger

The National Centre for Reading Education and Research is the leading centre of reading in Norway, serving the national educational authorities of Norway. It developed a programme for secondary school teachers' in-service training on reading comprehension which can be used and refined in the BaCuLit-project. Supported by The Reading Centre, nine other institutions run this programme all over Norway. More than 2000 teachers have been trained and an independent evaluation in 2009 was very positive. As a part of The University of Stavanger and as a National Centre for Special Education, the centre has expertise in the problems of struggling readers and reading didactics as well.

The centre has participated in international projects like PIRLS, ADORE, IALS and ALL and is doing research on implementing reading strategies, reading and writing, training of inference making during the reading process, struggling readers and eye tracking during reading etc.