Kecskemét College

Kecskemét College, Kecskemet

Kecskemet College Teacher Training Faculty is one of the oldest teacher training colleges in Hungary with rich traditions but at the same time it is also one of the most modern teacher education colleges with up-to-date facilities and an educational and research centre. It is located in Bacs- Kiskun County in the South Plain Region. The approx. 1300 students of the Teacher Training Faculty can enrol in a three-year B.Ed. "kindergarten teacher" or a four-year B.Ed. "primary school teacher". We also have a two-year youth advisor and an infant and child care worker post-secondary vocational course. Our students are also enabled to teach one chosen specialisation in the first two years of secondary school (10-12 years of age). The institution is involved in several international researches and projects.

Besides teacher education, we have effective up-to-date, theory and content-based adult education and further education for teachers (in-service teachers' postgraduate trainings).