University of Minho

Institute of Education - University of Minho, Braga

The Institute of Education (IE), the organic unit of the University of Minho in the domain of Education, has been one of the most important teacher training centres in Portugal over the last 35 years. The IE provides initial teacher training by means of Master Programmes on Teaching (different school subjects). In-service teacher training is provided by Master Programmes on Education, mainly by those focusing on Didactics, Teaching Supervision and Assessment. PhD programmes are available at the IE, including those in the areas of Didactics, Literacy and Language Teaching, and Supervision.

In-service teacher training is also provided by means of short courses (minimum 25 h), certified by the Ministry of Education and mandatory for teachers to progress in their career.

Research is developed within the Research Centre on Education (CIEd). There, the research group "Literacies. Discourses and Practices in Educational Contexts" includes researchers in the field of didactics of diverse school subjects.