Petrache, Anca Profile Page
Petrache, Anca
General Inspector
Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, No.28-30, General Berthelot Street, Sector no. 1, Bucharest

Curriculum Vitae


Graduation certificate in training adults at SC INFO EDUCATIA SRL Iasi

Since 2009

Associate lecturer at University Hyperion Bucharest


PDW Attendance certificate - Chantilly, Ischia, Praga,Leiden, Lodi at Ministere Education Nationale de France, le SCEREN-CNDP, Agenzia Nazionale per lo Svilluppo dell~Autonomia Scolastica-INDIRE –IT, ICDI-Leiden-CH


Graduation certificate in Intra- and Inter- Institutional Communication at National Institute of Administration Bucharest


Master degree in Management of the Public Sector at Ploieşti University, Faculty of Economics


Graduation certificate for guidance the undergraduate educational management - Manager XXI at Academy of Economical Studies, Bucharest


Graduation Certificate in Management of the Human Resources Performance in Public Administration at National Institute of Administration Bucharest


Communication advisor at National Authority for Youth Bucharest

Since 2004

General Inspector at Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports having the following responsibilities:

  • Coordination, counseling, assessment in the undergraduate management in Romanian language and literature / communication in educational programs / projects with external funding
  • National Council for preventing and controlling violence in schools- OMEdCI nr.2734/2007
  • Member in the working group for decentralization of undergraduate educational system- OMECT no. 2388/2007, OMECT nr.3614/2008
  • Coordinating national and international projects of the Ministry of Education (MATRA, Student Voice, Young Energy)
  • Member in inter-ministerial working groups : MMFES, M.J, MIRA, ANPDC
  • Representative of the Ministry of Education in the relationships  with NGOs as: FDSC, Child’s Phone, Education 2000 +, Soros
  • Representative of the Ministry of Education in the relationship with publishing houses, academic and cultural institutes
  • Organization of scientific meetings in the field of communication, Romanian and universal language and literature
  • Initiation, coordination and monitoring training activities in the fields of communication, language, Romanian and universal literature, at national and international level, for both students and teachers
  • Romanian language and literature expert evaluator- European Baccalaureate (Schola Europaea), EU Bruxellles
  • Long-term expert in European projects: in the management, health, IT and assessment fields- representative MECI for the EU eTwinning programme ( “eTwinning ambassador”)
  • National Commission for Coordinating the Grants Program for Educational Development -OMEdCI no. 518/2007


Assistant Professor-Deputy (University College Institute) at Ovidius University Constanta


Manager at Teachers` House Ialomita (In service Center)


Doctor of philological sciences, magna cum laude in Literary criticism and hermeneutics at Bucharest University, Faculty of Letters


Romanian Language and Literature teacher at “Matei Basarab” Pedagogical Highs School Slobozia


University Degree in Philology, communication, education and  journalism at Bucharest University , Faculty of Letters

Main Publications

A. Volumes

  • Romanian Perception of the Sacred- The Church Almanac, Slobozia, 1999
  • Romanian Literature- handbook for 11th grade, Constelaţii Publishing House, Bucharest, 2001 (Chapter Symbolism and Traditions) - Coordinator Prof. Dr. Dumitru Micu
  • Thought- Religious Feeling in Literature, doctoral thesis, Bibliotheca Publishing House, Targoviste, 2008
  • Note 10 Works: Romanian Language and Literature, volume III – Grades V-XII, Nomina Publishing House, Pitesti, 2008
  • Romanian Language and Literature. Guidelines for Preparing School Competitions and Contests in 2009, Nomina Publishing House, Pitesti, 2009
  • Works Note 10: Romanian Language and Literature, volume IV – grades VII-XII, Nomina Publishing House, Pitesti, 2009
  • Citations of papers, coordination of socio-professional structures, affiliations at professional organizations, member in editorials etc.
  • Communication strategy for pilot projects of decentralization in education in the counties of Dolj, Iasi and Harghita – in the project Coordinating the Process of Decentralization by the Central Administration- PHARE/RO/2004/IB/OT/01, MEC, 2007
  • Chiffres clés de l’éducation en Europe 2009, l’Agence exécutive Éducation, Audiovisuel et Culture (EACEA  P9 Eurydice), ISBN 978-92-9201


B Periodicals:

  • Over the  Peaks - literary analysis, in Romanian Language and Literature for Students, No.4-5, June 1985
  • Recessive Structure of Eminescu’s Poetry- in LLR, No.3-4, August 1988
  • Unconscious in Blaga’s Poetry- essay, in The Anthology of Works presented at students’ scientific session, University of Bucharest, April 1988
  • The Post Captain by A.S. Puskin- structural analysis in The Anthology of Works presented at students’ scientific session, University of Cluj-Napoca, March 1989
  • Mikhail Bulgakov- Between Spirituality and Faith-critical essay, The Soul of Nation, No. 7, 1992 (school magazine, Slobozia)
  • Moor-White's story-formative prose in The Soul of Nation, No. 11, 1992.
  • Doina by Mihai Eminescu-exegesis, in The Soul of Nation, No. 2, 1993.
  • Naturalism and Fantastic in Ioan Luca Caragiale’s stories- essay in The Soul of Nation No. 5, 1994.
  • Winter Holidays in Romania-in Us, No. 1, March 1994.
  • Approach Critical Stages - in Us, No.3, March 1995
  • Thinking Phenomenon -in Us, No. 10, November 1995.
  • Sociology of Literary Perception in Us, No. 5, 1996.
  • Religious Literature- the Alphabet, 2001.
  • Educational Alternatives and the Literature - CCD Ialomiţa Newsletter, April, 1999
  • The Impact of Educational Reform on Teaching Methods of Romanian Literature in Higher Education- in CCD Newsletter Ialomita, November 1999.
  • Project management- Organization of an exhibition/ contest with literary theme -CCD Ialomiţa Newsletter, February 2000
  • Methods of Evaluation Alternative Textbooks - CCD Ialomiţa Newsletter, June 2000

Research & Projects

  • Project Manager ESF project Innovative Methods in Training Teachers to Develop Students’ Life Skills, ID 4713, POSDRU/3/1.3/S/3.
  • Project Manager ESF project The Management of Crisis Situations at the School Level, ID 64345, POSDRU/85/1.1/S/64345 (1st of November 2010–until now).
  • Responsible database ESF project: Youth against violence- ID 4568, POSDRU/1/1.1/S/6.
  • Evaluation expert ESF project Professionals in the undergraduate educational management, ID 4037 (1st of November 2008- until now).
  • Expert Coordinator in elaborating evaluation items for the high school level – in Romanian language- in the FSE project Digital instruments for improving the quality of evaluation in the undergraduate educational system, ID 3074, POS DRU/1/1.1/S/3.
  • Coordinator expert in elaborating quality standards for high school in the FSE project The development of the national system of management and insurance of the quality in the undergraduate educational system, POSDRU/1/1.1/S/1.
  • Evaluation expert in the international Comenius project Basic Curriculum for Teachers' In-service Training in Content Area Literacy in Secondary Schools (BaCuLit).
  • Expert in the working group of the international project Knowledge-based Economy, financed by the World Bank - OMEdC no. 598/2007, co-author of the Ministry of Education policy "Integrating ICT in the undergraduate educational system in Romania", notice according to no. SGG 1611360/VG of 20.12.2007
  • Communication expert working group for decentralization of school education- OMECT no. 2388/2007, OMECT nr.3614/2008, co-author of the communication strategy of the pilot project of decentralization of school education in the counties of Dolj, Iasi and Harghita PHARE/RO/2004/IB/OT/01, Coordinating decentralization by the central government (2006-2008)
  • Member of the National Coordination of Educational Development Grants Program-OMEdC no. 518/2007
  • Coordinator of national and international projects as representative of the Ministry of Education MATRA (in partnership with FDSC), Student Voice, Counseling and Guidance (in partnership with the British Council), Young Energy ( in partnership with ENEL- 2006-2008).